City Bans Tethering, Chaining Dogs - Policy change on 01/22/08

We have had questions regarding the following code issues. Below each issue/item you will find the current city code.


We were asked if it is required by the city that each house have their house number / address visible from the street. We have found out that yes the city does require this. This is located in the Fort Worth City Code in the Minimum Building Standards Code, Chapter 7, Article 4, Division 3, Section 7-91 (C). This section is titled "Sec. 7-91. Fire protection standards".

"(c) Buildings shall be marked with contrasting property address numbers visible from the street in accordance with the fire code. For residential occupancies containing more than one (1) dwelling unit, each dwelling unit shall be individually marked with unit identification numbers at the entrance to the unit."

This code is available on the Fort Worth web site at: city code or Fire Protection Standards


Brochure given out by animal control at the September 2006 meeting. You can right click on the link below and select save target as to download a copy of the brochure.

Animal Control Brochure
Animal Control Brochure - Black & White

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